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car carpet cleaningCanberra Carpet Cleaning offers professional car upholstery cleaning in Canberra, ACT, and Queanbeyan. Our car upholstery cleaners will clean and remove dirt, stains spills and more from your car upholstery, leaving you to better enjoy the life of your car or ready it to sell.

The same equipment we use to get your home's carpets and uphosltery cleaned and looking fresh gets car upholstery cleaned and smelling fresh. Chances are that over time, your car has collected some odors in the upholstery and maybe your carpets as well. We can deodorize and remove these smells as part of your cleaning as well.

We also remove stains from your car carpets. Anything from spilled coffee to the aftermath of car sickness can be quickly removed by our upholstery cleaners. Most small cars can have their upholstery thoroughly cleaned in an hour, and a vehicle the size of a seven passenger van rarely takes more than two hours.

We serve Canberra and all of the ACT, as well asQueanbeyan. We'll come out to visit you at home or work to save you time as well! We also clean on weekends.

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