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Canberra Carpet Cleaning has been keeping your rugs clean along with your carpets since 1983. Our expertly trained cleaning technicians use professional-grade equipment to provide powerful, effective cleaning of your rugs, leaving them clean, fresh, and looking like new again.

Rugs are beautiful additions to your home or business, but over time, they accumulate dust and grime and may encounter and accident or stain. Whether its a spill, a pet accident, or just general wear and grime, we'll get your area rugs looking great again in no time.

Canberra Carpet Cleaning offers deep rug cleaning to both homes and businesses. Just as we have done with your carpets and upholstery, we deliver quality, professional cleaning at an affordable rate.

We will remove stains, smells caused by bacteria, as well as smoke, animal, food, and drink stains and smells. We use safe cleaning processes to ensure that your rugs not only stay safe, but also ensure the safety and health of you and your family and visitors, and yes it is an animal safe process!

Keep your rugs in top-notch condition! Call us today to schedule an appointment!