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Here at Canberra Carpet Cleaning, we do our best to give both our residential and commercial clients the best carpet cleaning experience. This is why we often use the method steam cleaning when giving professional carpet care (dry carpet cleaning is available and appropriate for lightly soiled or frequently cleaned carpets). It is a safe and effective technique of removing accumulated dirt, dust and stains. We highly recommend this carpet cleaning process to all of our clients because it’s fast, effective and low-cost too.

Steam cleaning is a widely used method for it delivers thorough cleaning of dirty and stained carpets. In this process, hot water is directly put in the carpet material and this moisture is later removed together with all of the eliminated dirt and contaminants, using a high-powered vacuum. Using steam cleaning will also guarantee that microorganisms such as bacteria and virus living on your carpet are successfully killed and rid of. Lastly, having regular professional carpet cleaning will help in keeping your carpet smelling great and looking new, as if you just bought them.

Our experienced and skilled cleaning technicians make use of the latest carpet steam cleaners that are able to change a little amount of water into a hotter and more concentrated amount of steam. This powerful machine won’t leave wet residue on your carpet compared to those inexpensive machine cleaners sold in the market today, which might even cause further damage to your carpet if you do not know how to use them correctly. So it’s really a smart and economical choice to hire the service of professional carpet cleaners to do your steam cleaning as this will ensure that everything goes well and you’ll get quality results.

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