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Canberra Carpet Cleaning offers professional mattress cleaning in Canberra, all of the ACT and portions of NSW including Queanbeyan. Our professional cleaning technicians can freshen up your mattress with our advanced cleaning equipment, leaving your mattress cleaner and healthier, helping you have a better night's rest.

Did you know that your mattress has tens of thousands of dust mites living in it? It's true - and they are constantly feeding on your dead skin cells and leaving their feces in your mattress! Many people are allergic to dust mite feces and the collection of dead dust mites and their waste can lead to sneezing, irritation, asthma, and allergies. Not only that, but over time your mattress collects bacteria, viruses, and more (think about where you spent most of your day the last time you were really sick).

Canberra Carpet Cleaning offers mattress cleaning to improve the health of your mattress and give you a more refreshing night's sleep. Vacuuming your mattress and cleaning your sheets are an important part of caring for your mattress but this only touches the top surface while dust mites and germs penetrate deep in mattress fibers. A periodic (typically once a year, more if you have allergies to dust mites) mattress cleaning is key to improving your health and rest.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting your mattress, we can remove stains and odors your mattress may have, including urine. While its virtually impossible to remove all urine from most mattresses, we can remove a vast majority of it, and deodorize the smell.

Our mattress cleaners will come out to your home anywhere in Canberra, the ACT, as well as nearby cities in NSW, including Goldburn, Queanbeyan, Yass, and more. Also, be sure to ask about our deals for combining a mattress cleaning with carpet, rug, upholstery, or car cleaning!

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